Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Month-End Shout Out!

Today's post is about gratitude.

This is where I thank my blog sponsors/friends and tell them how grateful I am for their support and encouragement as I build and grow this blog.

Thank you everyone - from the bottom of my heart - thank you.


Lynn has been working like crazy lately and it's making a difference!  More and more people are switching away from harmful and toxic chemical cleaners and towards a safe and healthy (and more effective) alternative.
Those readers in Europe and Australia are already familiar with the benefits of using ENJO - it saves you time, saves you money, saves the environment and cleans 6x better than chemical cleaners can.
It's us, in North America, that need to step up to the plate and learn, so that our children's world will still be a wonderful place and not a contaminated, polluted wasteland.

Read more about ENJO here and see how this one fibre can make your home safer, cleaner and make a small contribution to saving our world.

Shopping Under The Stars

If you'd like to learn more about ENJO and are in the London and surrounding area - Lynn is hosting a "Shopping Under the Stars" event next Tuesday, August 5th.
Numerous vendors will have booths set up for an evening of shopping outside.  There will be free frozen yogurt for everyone attending provided by Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar, as well as Caribbean steel drum music provided by The Golden Harps Steel Orchestra.

Some of the vendors that will be in attendance include:
Jockey P2P (Person 2 Person),  Epicure, Harvest Pillows, Pink Ink, Pampered Chef, Silpada, Seacret, The Bra Lady, doTerra Essential Oils, Steeped Tea, Mary Kay, Scentsy,  Unique Accessories, Posh Pedicure Lounge, Friendly Fare Wellness & Nutrition. The Thank You Company. The Bra Lady, Access Bars Wellness & Relaxation, POP ART by Michelle, Stella & Dot, London Mompreneurs, Gravelle Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, Silent Poetry Photography, The Coates of Arms Restaurant and Pub

Admission is free and there are more than 20 door prizes to be won!  

For more information click here.

Business Clarity with Kathleen 

Ever wonder why some people get ahead in business while you struggle?
Do you wish you could attract more customers AND have more personal time?
It’s hard to know what to do or how to do it. As a solo-preneur sometimes it’s a long lonely road.  
A little clarity and some tools to shortcut the journey can be life changing.  You don’t have to do it alone, coaching is the fastest way to learn systems and gain proven tools to help your business grow and run smoothly. As a business coach with 40 years of Entrepreneurial experience my mission in life and business, is helping your business grow and your life easier.

Earlier this month I posted about my experience working with Kathleen Mundy of Making Your Own Money, I learned that if you…
  • Have an endless to-do list you need to cut in half
  • Lack prioritization and focus and need to learn what’s important to your life and/or business
  • Try to do too much and need to learn how to delegate
  • Procrastinate and need to overcome avoidance behaviour
Then you need to check out the FROG BUFFET!

It has shaved hours of needless to-do’s off of my list and I am learning to refocus what is really important and to not make other things more important than they really should be. 

I spent 30 minutes that now saves me 2-3 hours a day – talk about ROT (return on time!)

Franchise Success Academy

Ever wonder as a licensee or franchisee what the BIG boys didn't tell you? Franchise Success Academy provides proven methods to ensure your investment grows profitably and remains a sustainable enterprise. The  FSA program includes real life case studies on Marketing, Operations & Systems, Numbers and Financing and a structured method of developing  the Mindset of a CEO. This customized business training  provides you  with everything the Franchisor didn’t tell you. 
Learn how you can make certain your investment performs the way you expect. Gain the tools to build the future you deserve.

“Some business owners or entrepreneurs are also FRANCHISEES and THIS WAS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU!

The FRANCHISE SUCCESS ACADEMY is a training and development firm designed to provide Business Acumen and Financial Literacy to Franchisees. At FSA, they train to strengthen the ability of the Franchisee to succeed through a sustainable business mindset and reduce the risk of under-performance of a Franchise. If you’re a Franchisee, don’t miss the opportunity to build and grow your Franchise! Learn how to LOVE paying royalties TODAY and visit to download their whitepaper!”

Curiosity Box

Cassie was a working mom that wanted to spend time with her kids doing crafts and activities, but was constantly challenged with finding the time and energy to put together those crafts and activities that were both engaging and fun for her and her kids.  
"I love crafting, scrapbooking, baking and being creative and I wanted to see the same passion for creativity passed onto my children.  With our busy and hectic lives, I always felt like our quality creative time was so limited."  
She found that when precious time presented itself she was never truly prepared.  She wanted to help other Moms with the same concerns and aspirations and created Curiosity Box -   a convenient package delivered right to your door that engages young minds and creates hours of fun and creativity.

Cassie also hosts a Facebook page that offers up weekly advice and suggestions for activities you can do at home!

Daily Glam 

 Have you always wanted a personal stylist but never thought you could afford one?  Have you always wanted to stay on trend but just do not have the time to stay on top of the latest styles or to figure out how to put pieces together?  Would you like a stylist to show you how to save HUNDREDS of dollars just by shopping in your own closet?  If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions you need Daily Glam.  
Check out to find out how to achieve all of the above.  

If you read this blog, you know this project is close to my heart because I'm a part of it!  (I'm the back-office chick so you don't have to worry that I'll be giving any style advice in the program)
Subscriptions run for one month and provide you with a 'grocery list' of approximately 16-20 items you'll need, followed by 21 days of how to mix, match, combine and coordinate those items.
Remember the TV show "What Not To Wear"? - this is the same, but in reverse…  "What You Should Wear". 

Face of Pink Ink

We are looking for three women to represent our company! 
Qualifications: You have to be a woman!!!  

Pink Ink's mission is to help empower women by making them  look and feel their very best.  For $99 you will receive a complete makeover - hair, makeup, jewelry and clothing stylists will doll you up and get you ready for your personalized photoshoot!  You will also get to keep your favourite shot and receive a swag bag full of goodies!!  
The next photoshoot sessions are Aug. 17th and Aug. 24th so sign up now!
Contact us for more details!

Pink Ink

Have you always wanted to walk the Red Carpet?  Here's your chance!  On October 17th, 2014, Pink Ink and the London Mompreneurs will come together to host a fundraiser to support Single Women in Motherhood (S.W.I.M.) - 
Ladies Night Out - A Red Carpet Affair.  
There will be shopping, dinner, fashion show, photo ops and so much more.  This is truly a semi-formal/formal event that is like no other!  You do not want to miss this event!  
Contact Jen at for more information!  One lucky woman will win a complimentary ticket, hair and makeup for this amazing event.  
Stay tuned for details!

Visions Graphic Artistry by Ang

What can I say about Ang…  how about 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and her work is splattered all over this page.
She is the graphic designer for Daily Glam and created the postcard and all of the style templates above, as well as the blog and Facebook header, logo and SO MUCH MORE (which will be released shortly in the Glam-capsule) - AND she is also the graphic designer for everything Curiosity Box produces including the amazing logo above.

A true talent and creative genius - Ang handles all of your graphic design needs promptly, with extreme care and quality and at a price everyone can afford.
For more samples of her work - check out her Facebook page here.

Betsi - Professional Organizer

What would you do with more time, energy and freedom? The answers are endless and the pathway to peace is E.A.S.Y.
Eliminate what you do not need
Ask the right questions
Simplify your home and life
YES! You do deserve it!
Book an appointment with Betsi  now. Enjoy and live life E.A.S.Y. 
Summer specials, achieve immediate results.  Check out her Facebook page for hints and tips you can use today!


Please send some love out to my wonderful blog sponsors!

Thank you everyone for another amazing month!

Have a great one!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm Loving Waterlogue

I know I've already done a post on the app "Waterlogue" - but I was playing with it again and I had to share….

Waterlogue is an app you can get on your iPad, iPhone and/or equivalents (sorry, I'm technically illiterate, so I don't know all of the devices out there).
It's $2.99 and worth ten times that!

Check out what it can do:

 Now the key to watercolours is distance.
Sitting in front of your computer you may not be that impressed with these - but take a step back and look again…

There are different variations of watercolours you can choose as well.
The top photo is called "natural" and the bottom is called "illustrated".

I don't have a lot of luck doing photos with it - I would agree with some of the reviews that it is best suited to scenery - BUT
I did capture a couple that I just LOVE:

Coming in from a sunset surf…

Morning coffee by the lake:

By far my favourites are houses though.

Realtors - want to THRILL your clients - use one of your MLS photos to create a watercolour of their old house.  What a treasured keepsake that would be for those moving!

 If you do want a shot of your home - consider the seasons.
Photographing now will capture your gorgeous lawn and garden.  But if you have nice fall foliage, maybe wait until then.

No, I take that back - take a photo in every season and create a collage!.

Have your images printed at Staples and use a garage sale frame and matte for a gorgeous hostess or new home gift.

*Read the reviews on the app page first - I guess some iPhones (4?) don't work as well?

Have a great one!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What's the difference between "Fail" and "Epic Fail"?

Is it the size of the error, or the size of the project?

epic fail
noun Slang.
1. a spectacularly embarrassing or humorous mistake, humiliating situation, etc., that is subject to ridicule and given a greatly exaggerated importance.

This is why I ask - started out like most of my other projects - in need of some TLC;

But a white table is kind of boring - I wanted to amp this up a bit…

I thought I'd try creating a stencil with adhesive vinyl cut from my Silhouette…

First mistake - there aren't sheets big enough to cover the entire table-top, so I had to piece a few together.

Okay, so I missed a small area, but I can paint that by hand afterwards - shouldn't be too difficult.

Loving the coral colour!

Looks not too bad?

From my second storey landing.

Anything closer and you see this:

So would this be considered a "fail" because it's a small table, or would it be considered an "Epic fail" because it took me almost an hour just to peel off each individual sticker and it still looks atrocious?

Easy enough fix with a light sanding - but I had to show one of my "learned the hard way" posts.

Oh, and in case you were hoping to learn something while you were here…

Here's how to keep cellophane/cling wrap/ saran wrap from sticking to icing…

We have WINNERS for the Jockey P2P Convertible skirt & Jamberry Nails Giveaway!

Add caption

E-mails are on their way to you two to tell you how to collect your prizes!
Congratulations - and thank you everyone for participating!

  Have a great one!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily Glam

I am so excited to share this!

You have no idea how hard it has been to keep it quiet - but I can finally share my deep, dark secret…

I have partnered with Jen and Rita of Pink Ink and Ang of Visions Graphic Artistry to bring you….

(imaginary drumroll and edge-of-your-seat anticipation)

Daily Glam!

It is a styling blog - meaning, if you have little or no sense of style, or if you want to ramp up your style with the aid of professional stylists - this is the place for you!

No, don't worry - I'm not providing any fashion advice - I'm the back-office chick that makes sure the blog is working and that subscriptions are being sent.

The Pink Ink Diva's have come up with a wardrobe capsule -"Glam-capsule" - of approximately 16 articles of clothing, shoes and accessories.
Each day you will receive an email outlining how to style these pieces to create 21 different looks!

How it works:

  • On August 1st you will receive an e-mail with a "shopping list" of items you need to participate in the Glam-capsule.

Shop your closet first!  Many of the items are 'staples' in that you may already have them in your closet, and if you don't, they are wardrobe essentials that will see you well beyond this month's styles.

If there are pieces you need - you can work it within your budget.  It isn't necessary to buy exactly what we show you online.  What you are looking for are certain elements that flatter your body type - and those elements can be found in any store from Goodwill to Gucci.
Heck, shop your sister's closet!

  • You will have 10 days to get your Glam-capsule together.
  • On August 9th at 7pm EST your first outfit will be e-mailed out to you.  
  • You will receive one outfit per day ending with the August 30th e-mail.

That's it?

Not by a long shot!

The difference between this style-capsule and any others is:

1.  The price.  Fashion capsules created by professional stylists can run into thousands of dollars to subscribe to.
This one is $25 Cdn.

2.  Other fashion capsules provide you with one outfit and assume that you are a size 2 and will look fabulous in it.
Not here.  Jen & Rita have created looks for everyday, but with alterations to accentuate the best features in YOUR body type.  
This is not a one-size fits-all circus.
We want you to feel fabulous and look fabulous in your body.  

3.  There will be an invite-only Facebook page where we encourage you to post selfies!  Yes, these are selfies that people actually want to see, because these will be interpretations of the outfits that you have created.
Take the accessories to the next level, change colours etc.  Make these your own.  

4.  The styles provided will be appropriate for work AND for play.  No shorts and t-shirts here.  The looks are elegant and edgy while still being comfortable.
MOMPRENEURS - this is how you want to dress to make the right impression!

Do I sound excited about this?

These ladies have some serious talent and we can all benefit from it at an unheard of price.

Check out the Daily Glam blog this week for some sneak peeks at what's to come.

and SUBSCRIBE to get August's Glam-capsule!

Subscription opportunity closes on August 9th and won't be available again until the release of September's capsule.

Last chance to enter the Giveaway - winners will be drawn tonight!

Have a great one!