Friday, October 31, 2014

October Month-End Shout-Out

I've got some great ideas, products and events for you today...

It's been no secret what a huge fan I am of ENJO.
This month's specials are just another reason to join in the movement to a better, safer, healthier home for you and your family:

Host a party and introduce your friends and earn great rewards!

AND - ENJO is already prepping for the Holidays with these amazing packages for friends, family teachers and coaches:

Contact Lynn here to order, or if you are in the area on November 23rd, come on out to Lynn's  Holiday shopping extravaganza and see a demonstration, ask questions or get your stash replenished!



Curiosity Box has taken the world by storm!  Cassie's business and brainchild appeared on Steven & Chris, in the Metro News, and has partnered with monster brands like Kinder and Wean Green and now BeautyGram!

Each box contains all the craft pieces you'll need to complete three projects as well as ideas for other activities you can do together.  Subscription service is available in 3, 6 and 12 month packages or you can order single boxes.  
Free shipping anywhere in Canada.  Ages 3 - 7

Curiosity Box has been awarded the "Parent Tested, Parent Approved" seal of approval.

Check out Curiosity Box today, for gifts, subscriptions, party packages and even goodie bags for your next party!



Lisa of It Fits Personal Training has an exciting promo on right now...
someone in London, ON could win 6 WEEKS OF IN-HOME, PERSONAL TRAINING!

Take ownership of your actions so you can go out and attack life;
It Fits Personal Training offers personal training services where you feel comfortable.  That could be outdoors at a park or in your home, it’s your choice.
Our clients are men or women who prefer personal one-on-one attention without the distractions of busy gyms that have too many pieces of equipment to try to figure out.  We keep it simple using simple equipment.  We offer different packages for the varying needs of our clients; some will require more time and support, while others will be able to adapt quickly in making a lasting improvement to their lifestyle.
Simply enter your name, phone & email to go in the draw.

Check out Lisa and It Fits Personal Training through these links to learn more about her coaching, programs and online advice!



Heidi at Barefoot Books will be available all season long to help you with your Holiday shopping.  If you can't make one of her shows, check out her website and the quality literature that Barefoot Books offers.  

Share stories, Connect families, Inspire Children

Hi!  Greetings from My Moose's Bookshelf, Barefoot Books. Come visit my Online Market place & learn what 'Living Barefoot' is all about!  Check out the Event section to find out where my Moose and I are going to be this Holiday Season.  Drop me a note if you have any questions!



I'm a day early in announcing this, but the special was just too great to keep quiet...
Jockey P2P's November specials include buy one item at regular price and get a second HALF OFF!

Better still, if you want to host a Jockey P2P party (live or online) - you will be eligible to get 5 pieces from the above list at 75% off!

This is HUGE!

Contact me today to set up your party!

Have a great one!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Junk and Gunk

I have just spent the last 3 hours cleaning out my inbox - and that's not including my junk folder - just the inbox.

I save messages that need acting on - whether it be to respond to blog posts, accept invitations, change someone's contact information or book meetings - they all sit there until I've had a chance to respond.
Today I found invites dating back to August that I still hadn't RSVP'd to.
It's awful, and it makes me feel terrible to drop the ball like this.
This morning I decided to suck it up and plow through.
Twenty-six pages of e-mails pared down to 2.  That's still about 50 messages I need to work through, but it's down from the more than 1,000 that I had clogging me up.
I feel like I can breath a little again.

Which brings me to gunk...
Another project that has been on my to-do list for WAAAAAY too long....
cleaning the gunk from the window frames.

With cooler weather coming we're probably going to start keeping the windows closed and the though of this:

rotting away my window frame and my family breathing it in all winter - not to mention all of the dust and pollen that has accumulated on my window screens - has me squeamish.

I don't have a secret recipe for you today - this comes down to a toothbrush, ENJO and a little elbow grease.

Scrub the tiny nooks with your husband's toothbrush.  (kidding!)

Then get out your ENJO Duoglove and wipe the rest away.  The fibres on the mitt really fit into the crevices easily, so at least that part wasn't too tedious.

Next up, wipe the screens with your mitt (and water).  You will be FLOORED how much dirt comes off the screens.  That's stuff that would have been trapped in your house all winter for you and your family to breathe day-in and day-out.

While you're at it, you might as well get the summer dust and pollen off of the windows as well.  You won't want to be doing this when the temperature drops.

This is the little plus line combi with twist - a little pricey, but not when you take into account you can do the inside and outside of your windows in no time flat, without hiring out.

Two crap jobs done.

I feel like I'm now back in the running as an almost-capable parent and business person.

Have a great one!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baked Pumpkin Seeds

(a very special thank you to Jeannie Grace for the inspiration for this post)

Perhaps they should be called roasted pumpkin seeds?

I've never had them before so I don't know the proper terminology - all I know is that I bake-roasted them in the oven. 

It all began with the "carve-on";  Madison and Mummy versus Chloe and Daddy for the great pumpkin challenge (my family loves Hallowe'en Wars)

We got to gutting our soon-to-be Jack-o-lanterns.

I followed a few different recipes to make these, but one thing I thought made sense was to boil the seeds first.  It removes the excess pumpkin guts and helps them bake/roast more evenly.
I put them in boiling water and let simmer for 10 minutes.

I wanted to try a couple of versions of pumpkin seeds, so I split the batch in half.

In one half I mixed
1 1/2 tbsp butter (salted)
1/8 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp worcestershire sauce
and 1 cup of pumpkin seeds

In hindsight, these needed a bit more salt for my tastes, so another tsp of sea salt would have been good.

Preheat oven to 275 degrees farenheit.
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly.
Bake for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

The second recipe I tried was for a sugar & spice version of pumpkin seeds.

For this batch, you roast the seeds first before adding anything else.  (275 fahrenheit for approx. 1 hour, or until golden brown)

 Once the seeds are nice and golden and crunchy, the spiced ones are done:

The sugar and spice version now needs the sugar and spice.
In a large fry pan, add 1tbsp vegetable oil.
Add in your baked pumpkin seeds and stir until coated.

Take 4 tbsp white sugar and pour over the seeds.  Keep stirring until all of the sugar has dissolved and the seeds are evenly coated.

Pour the seeds into a bowl and top with another tbsp of sugar, 1/4 tsp salt and 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice.
Toss until they are all coated.

We had a taste-off between the two recipes and the sugar & spice won out.

The others were good, but like I wrote above, I think they needed more salt.

The great pumpkin challenge?
I'd say it was pretty close:

What happened to pumpkins with Cinderella, minions or Hello Kitty on them?  These two have gone ghoulish on me!

Have a great one!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to make a bow

Madison saw some gorgeous bows at Michael's a couple of weeks ago and immediately she wanted one for her hair.

At $25 per bow, I couldn't justify it - particularly since she wanted a Hallowe'en one (which has a shelf-life of a week or two tops).

Instead, I let her choose out a Hallowe'en ribbon and I sought out a tutorial on how to make something similar.

I'll start with the video, because I'm not sure my photos do it justice:

Here we have the broken headband that I'm going to "upgrade".  I kept the original bow that came on it so I'd have an idea of size for the new bow.

Step 1 - create a loop about 6" in to the ribbon.  (the video says to put the loop at 3" longer than you want the tails to be - for me, that equalled 6")
Make a bubble and then twist it.

Step 2 - create a loop on one side of the centre bubble.  When the ribbon comes back to the centre point it will be with the pattern facing away from the front of the bow.  Twist it at the centre point so that the right side is facing up again.

Repeat this step for as many loops you want you bow to have - each time twisting at the centre point to bring right sides up again.

Step 3 - you can tie your bow with floral wire or string, or what I did, was use an elastic band.  I simply cut the band and tied it tightly around the loops and through the centre of the bubble.
(I didn't want wire coming loose and digging in to Maddie's head and I wasn't confident I could get the string tight enough without another hand helping to hold the knot)

With wired ribbon you have the benefit of fluffing and primping the bow into the exact shape you want and it will stay in place.  Spread your bow loops out and puff them up until you have the desired look.

The one on the left is a three-loop bow (three loops on each side) and the right is 4 loops.
The video says you can go up to 6 loops if you really want a full bow.

Step 4 - hot glue your masterpiece to your headband!

This was too easy and too cute - I can see right now that I'll be making Christmas and birthday and Valentines and Easter versions of this. 

$25 my @$$ - this one was $2!

  Have a great one!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Birthday decoration: DIY concrete tube candles

These candles have been sitting in my garage half finished since this post months ago.

I was totally and utterly stumped as to how to create the flame portion.
Do I use tissue paper?  No, it would get wet and sloppy in the moist air.
Do I use wood?  No, it would be too heavy and how would I hold it in place?

Leslie came to my rescue and offered styrofoam as an option!  
Just in time as well as today is Hubby's birthday!

I'll start from step 1:

This is the leftover concrete form tube from the post I did on concrete stools.
It was a long piece, so I had enough to make two substantial candles from it.

Step 1 - paint the tube white.
This one needed a couple of coats because the tube was originally yellow and it had a lot of black print on it.

Step 2 - using painter's tape, wrap a strip around the tube in a downward spiral.  The more evenly you can space the tape, the better.  

Step 3 - paint over the painter's tape sections with a bit more white.  This is going to help minimize any of the colour bleeding through.

 Step 4 - With the painter's tape still on, paint over the entire tube with colour/s of your choice.

Step 5 - once dry, remove the tape and fix any areas that need touch-ups.

This is where I was when I became stumped.  These two tubes sat in my garage like this for months.
It's so frustrating to be able to envision a finished product without knowing exactly how to get to that point.

Enter styrofoam and my amazing friend Leslie who had some just sitting in her garage.

Step 6 - press the tubes into the styrofoam and cut along the indent with an exacto knife.

Step 7 - stuff the discs into the tube ends and then paint

Step 8 - cut out flame shapes with leftover styrofoam and then paint yellow.

To create the wick of the candle I broke a paint stir stick in half and painted it yellow as well.  In hindsight, perhaps it should have been black, but oh well.
No need to cut the stick, a sharp, jagged edge is actually ideal for inserting it into the top of the candle.

Step 9 - glue styrofoam flames to stir sticks and then insert into the candle base.

One is 3 feet tall and the other is about 2 feet tall and they are so cute!

If you want a smaller version of the same thing, use poster tubes, or recycle some mail tubes.

Finished just in the nick of time!

Happy Birthday Daddy/Hubby!

Sorry I didn't get you anything - I was too busy making your candles!  (just kidding.... sort of).

Jockey P2P Look of the day
Forgive the selfie - I couldn't find any willing photographers today.

Classic bootcut jean in vintage blue $89 (sizes 2- 24)
Denim jacket $109 (sizes XXS - XL)
Cami from Old Navy and scarf from Dress Barn

Have a great one!

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